Welcome to Degel Consulting 

Marion Degel is dedicated to guiding executive leaders and private individuals through their specific paths of conscious change, growth and transformation. Her unique skill is to enhance her clients’ awareness and deepen their understanding of what truly matters. She operates from her authentic Self, using a diverse spectrum of tailor made techniques and tools to achieve the most for her clients. Marion’s radiating creativity, her precise vision and sharp analytical thinking make each consultation special and super successful!

The Approach

Marion’s consultation approach is grounded in powerful techniques and tools.

Design Thinking

Space Clearing

Employing the Space Clearing technique, Marion instills a fresh, vibrant and supportive energy flow in her clients’ spaces. With this ingredient from her toolkit she prepares a blanc canvas where “magic” can unfold. Participants are empowered to embrace change, identify growth opportunities and gain a tangible sense of successful transformation in their field of application. This experiential approach enables to reverse-engineer the transformation process from a future standpoint of consciousness.

Design Thinking

System Thinking

Using the Theory U framework, Marion adopts an awareness-based System Thinking approach for profound change on a macro-level. The holistic perspective reveals an invisible dimension within complex structures and dynamics and enables her clients to access curiosity, compassion, and courage. Applying key tools such as presencing, observing, sensing, prototyping, and co-creating facilitates the shift from reacting to past patterns to acting from the emerging future.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

To enable micro-level change, the iterative Design Thinking process is Marion’s choice to explore new opportunities, develop innovative strategies, and craft specific solutions in collaboration with her clients. Rooted in empathizing with stakeholders, articulating and defining opportunities, ideation, rapid prototyping, and testing, tools are adaptable and effective. In private consultations, the modified method “Designing Your Life” leads to profound results.

“To see clearly, changing one’s perspective is often enough.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Marion Degel Portrait


Starting with a successful career in the fashion industry, Marion possesses a deep understanding and practical experience in leadership and executive roles. She took on the stewardship of the historic family estate, Gut Hohenfelde, embarking on its sustainable economic and ecological transformation to meet the needs of future generations.